IBM Certified Database Associate - DB2 10.1 Fundamentals (C2090-610: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals)

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This DB2 associate certification is entry certification in Db2 family, and this certification is for those who are intrested to start their career as database administrator in IBM DB Products. In This certification, candidates will be tested in fundamentals of db2 10.1 like db creation and administration, day to day operations, basic sql knowledge and understanding of db security in basic level.
To achieve this certification, candidates should pass C2090-610: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals. Find the complete details of the certification.

Exam Details

Required Exam(s) C2090-610: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals
Durations 90 mins
Passing Score 69 Questions and required passing score is 66%.
Question Types Multiple choice, drag and drop, Fill in the blanks and simulation types.
Exam Fees 100 USD
Prerequired Exams There is no prerequired Exams to take, but its recommended, the candidates must have a basic knowledge of SQL and some hands on experience in DB2 10.1
Exam Policy Click here to read the Exam policies.
Recommended Training DB2 Family Fundamentals

Exam Pattern

Below the exam objectives of C2090-610: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals .

Section 1 - Planning (10%)
  • 1.1 Knowledge of DB2 products (z/OS vs LUW vs pureScale - at a high-level; different products and what they do)
  • 1.2 Knowledge of database workloads (appropriate DB2 product to use - OLTP vs warehousing)
  • 1.3 Knowledge of non-relational data concepts (XML data, LOB data)
Section 2 - Security (15%)
  • 2.1 Knowledge of restricting data access
  • 2.2 Knowledge of different privileges and authorities
  • 2.3 Given a DCL SQL statement, knowledge to identify results (grant/revoke/connect statements)
  • 2.4 Knowledge of Row and Column Access Control (RCAC)
  • 2.5 Knowledge of Roles and Trusted Contexts
Section 3 - Working with Databases and Database Objects (20%)
  • 3.1 Ability to create and connect to DB2 servers and databases (requirements to give ability to connect)
  • 3.2 Ability to identify DB2 objects
  • 3.3 Knowledge of basic characteristics and properties of DB2 objects
  • 3.4 Given a DDL SQL statement, knowledge to identify results (ability to create objects)
  • 3.5 Knowledge of Temporal (Time Travel) Tables - System-period, Application-period, and Bi-temporal - ability to create (Greater precision time stamps)
Section 4 - Working with DB2 Data using SQL (20%)
  • 4.1 Ability to use SQL to SELECT data from tables
  • 4.2 Ability to use SQL to SORT or GROUP data
  • 4.3 Ability to use SQL to UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT data
  • 4.4 Knowledge of transactions (i.e., commit/rollback and transaction boundaries)
  • 4.5 Ability to create and call an SQL supported procedure or a user defined function (understanding of passing parameters and results)
  • 4.6 Given an XQuery statement, knowledge to identify results
  • 4.7 Knowledge of Temporal (Time Travel) Tables - System-period, Application-period, and Bi-temporal - ability to query
Section 5 - Working with DB2 Tables, Views and Indexes (22%)
  • 5.1 Ability to demonstrate usage of DB2 data types (XML data types, Oracle compatibility data types)
  • 5.2 Given a situation, ability to create a temporary table
  • 5.3 Knowledge to identify when referential integrity should be used
  • 5.4 Knowledge to identify methods of data constraint
  • 5.5 Knowledge to identify characteristics of a table, view or index
  • 5.6 Knowledge to identify when triggers should be used
  • 5.7 Knowledge of schemas
Section 6 - Data Concurrency (13%)
  • 6.1 Knowledge to identify factors that influence locking
  • 6.2 Ability to list objects on which locks can be obtained (lock table)
  • 6.3 Knowledge to identify characteristics of DB2 locks (common locks shared across platforms)
  • 6.4 Given a situation, knowledge to identify the isolation levels that should be used (currently committed))

Books to Prepare

Below are the recommended books to prepare for C2090-610: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals.

Ibm book Cover Image

Book Name : DB2 10.1 Fundamentals (Exam 610)

Author Name : Roger E. Sanders

Publisher : MC Press

Topics Covered in this book:

  • Chapter 1 : IBM DB2 Certification
  • Chapter 2 : Planning
  • Chapter 3 : Security
  • Chapter 4 : Working with Databases and Database Objects
  • Chapter 5 : Working with DB2 Data Using SQL
  • Chapter 6 : Working with DB2 Tables, Views, and Indexes
  • Chapter 7 : Data Concurrency

Softwares for Practice

You can practice your exams by using below tools

Software Name : IBM DB2 10.1

License : Trail Version

Click here for trail download