Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Gold version 2.1

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The Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer examinations are intended for engineers who design, develop, and/or operate Ruby-based systems, consultants who make Ruby-based system proposals, and instructors who teach Ruby. In this Certification will measure your knowledge in oops, libraries, syntax and etc. To Achieve Ruby Certified Ruby Programmer Gold, you have to pass both Ruby Programmer Silver and Ruby Programmer Gold exams. Below are the details.

Exam Details

Required Exam(s) : Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Gold version 2.1
Durations : 90 Mins (50 Questions)
Passing Score : 75%
Question Types : Multiple choice types.
Exam Fees : 150USD
Prerequired Exams : Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Silver version 2.1
Recommended Training : Ruby Programming

Exam Pattern

Below are the exam objectives of Ruby Programmer Gold version 2.1.

Execution environment
  • Command line options
  • Pre-defined variables and constants
Built-in libraries
  • Variables and constants
  • Operators
  • Blocks
  • Exceptions
  • Non local exit
  • Keyword arguments
  • lambda
Object Oriented Programing
  • Details of Method
  • Access control
  • Details of Class
  • Class inheritance
  • Details of modules
  • Module prepend
  • Refinements
Built-in libraries
  • Well-used built-in classes(e.g., Object、Kernel、Module)
  • Well-used built-in modules(e.g., Enumerable、Comparable)
  • Numeric
  • Regular expression
  • Proc
  • Thread/Fiber
Standard Library
  • Well-used standard libraries(e.g., socket、date、stringio)

Books to Prepare

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