Oracle Certified Associate(OCA),Oracle Solaris 10 System Administration 1Z0-876

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This certification is for candidates who is seeking to gain basic knowledge of UNIX with an Oracle Solaris Operating System emphasis. Candidates will learn basic UNIX commands and tasks, performed in the Solaris OS environment.

Exam Details

Required Exam(s) : Oracle Solaris 10 System Administration 1Z0-876
Associated Certifications : OPN Certified Specialist , Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System
Durations : 90 mins
Passing Score :52 Questions and required passing score is 50%.
Question Types : Multiple choice
Exam Fees :Rs.10,100
Prerequired Exams : No Prerequired Exams to attend 1Z0-876 Exam.
Exam Policy : Click here to read the Exam policies.
Recommended Trainings : Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Essentials .

Exam Pattern :

Below the exam objectives of Oracle Solaris 10 System Administration 1Z0-876 .

View and Use Components of a Solaris System
  • Perform the login process using the command line and change the password
  • Use command-line features to construct and execute basic commands from the command line
  • Access online documentation and resources in the Solaris environment
View Files and Directories
  • Use commands to create, move, copy, rename, and remove files and directories
  • Perform fundamental operations using the vi editor to edit files and customize a vi session
  • Use commands within the Shell, including metacharacters, and describe the Korn shell variables and the purpose of user initialization files
  • Given a scenario, view and change permissions on files and directories, determine file and directory access, and modify the default
  • permissionsExplain access control lists, view, configure and delete access control lists on files and directories
Search Files and Directories
  • Use commands to search for directories and files on the system, and search for content within files
  • Describe a process and perform basic process control, including view a process, search for a specific process, and terminate a process
Advanced Shell Functionality
  • Perform advanced Korn shell functionality, including manage a job, use aliases and functions, configure the Shell environment and settings, and run shell scripts
Archive Files and Remote Transfers
  • Use commands to create, view, and retrieve file archives
  • Use commands to compress, view, and uncompress files and perform remote file transfers
  • Perform remote connections to establish a remote login session, copy files and directories to and from another system, and transfer files between systems

Books to Prepare

Below are the recommended books to prepare for Oracle Solaris 10 System Administration 1Z0-876 Exam.

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Softwares for Practice

You can easily set up the lab in home by using oracle Virtual box and solaris OS. Download the below Required tools from Oracle Website.

Software Name : Solaris 11 OS and Oracle Virtual Box.

License : Please Read the Terms and conditions of Oracle

Click here for download.