Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-821

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Oracle Certified Associate Certifications in Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration is for those who are intrested to start their IT career as system adminstrator in Oracle Solaris Operating Systems. This Certifications will cover ans measure your System administration skills in managing file systems, installing and removing Solaris packages and patches, performing system boot procedures and system and managing local devices.

Exam Details

Required Exam(s) : Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-821
Associated Certifications : Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator , OPN Certified Specialist
Durations : 150 mins
Passing Score :115 Questions and required passing score is 64%.
Question Types : Multiple choice
Exam Fees :Rs.10,100
Prerequired Exams : No Prerequired Exams to attend 1Z0-821 Exam.
Exam Policy : Click here to read the Exam policies.
Recommended Trainings : Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration Ed 5.

Exam Pattern

Below the exam objectives of Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-821 .

1.0 Installing Oracle Solaris 11 using an Interactive Installer
  • Plan for an Oracle Solaris 11 operating system installation
  • Install the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system by using an interactive installer
  • Verify the operating system installation
  • Troubleshoot installation issues
2.0 Updating and Managing Software Packages
  • Explain the image packaging system (IPS)
  • Update the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system by using IPS
  • Manage software packages by using Package Manager and the command line interface
  • Administer boot environments
  • Troubleshoot software update issues
3.0 Administering Services
  • Explain the role of the Service Management Facility (SMF)
  • Administer SMF services
  • Troubleshoot service and boot issues
4.0 Setting Up and Administering Data Storage
  • Describe ZFS
  • Administer ZFS Storage Pools
  • Administer ZFS File Systems
  • Administer ZFS Snapshots and Clones
  • Troubleshoot file systems and storage issues
5.0 Administering Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Explain Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Determine the current zones configuration and resource utilization on the system
  • Administer an Oracle Solaris zone
  • Troubleshoot zone and resource utilization issues
6.0 Administering a Physical Network
  • Explain basic networking concepts
  • Configure a network interface
  • Administer a network interface
  • Verify network operation
  • Determine datalink availability
  • Troubleshoot network issues
7.0 Setting Up and Administering User Accounts
  • Explain key user management concepts
  • Set up user accounts
  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage user initialization files
  • Use shell metacharacters
  • Configure user disk quotas
  • Troubleshoot user account and quota issues
8.0 Controlling Access to Systems and Files
  • Control access to systems
  • Control access to files
  • Use authentication
  • Troubleshoot access and authentication issues
  • Managing and using SSH
  • Managing password algoritgms
9.0 Managing System Processes and Scheduling System Tasks
  • Manage system processes
  • Schedule system administration tasks
  • Troubleshoot process issues
  • Monitor system logs
  • Explain the use of core files, core dump files and crash dump files
  • Managing the CRON facility
  • Managing the SYSLOG facilityManaging the CRON facility (NEW Nov 2016)
  • Managing the SYSLOG facility (NEW Nov 2016)

Books to Prepare

Below are the recommended books to prepare for Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-821 Exam.

 Cover Image

Book Name : OCA Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Exam guide 1Z0-821

Author Name : Michael Ernest

Publisher : Oracle Press

Following Topics are Covered in this book:

  • Planning an Oracle Solaris 11 Installation
  • Installing Oracle Solaris 11
  • Understanding the Boot Model
  • Understanding File Systems
  • Securing Systems and Files
  • Managing users, groups, and processes
  • Administering the Services Management Facility (SMF)
  • Understanding Projects and Tasks
  • Applying Resource Thresholds
  • Configuring additional storage
  • Adding and updating Oracle Solaris software
  • Monitoring the system with logging
  • Administering process and kernel crash data
  • Managing network resources
  • Administering Oracle Solaris Zones

Softwares for Practice

You can easily set up the lab in home by using oracle Virtual box and solaris OS. Download the below Required tools from Oracle Website.

Software Name : Solaris 11 OS and Oracle Virtual Box.

License : Please Read the Terms and conditions of Oracle

Click here for download.