Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-822

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Oracle Certified Professional Certifications in Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration is advanced level of OCA 1Z0-821 exams, and this certifications is for those who possess a strong foundation in the administration of the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System at the OCA level and who, at the OCP level have expanded their mastery of the administration of the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System from the base-level of skills and have a fundamental understanding of the UNIX operating system, commands, and utilities.
The OCP certification covers system administration skills such as configuring network interfaces, managing swap configurations, crash dumps, and core files. To Earn OCP certificaiton in Oracle solaris 11, you have to pass 1Z0-822 exam and its details follows.

Exam Details :

Required Exam(s) : Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-822
Associated Certifications : Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
Durations : 150 mins
Passing Score : 80 Questions and required passing score is 70%.
Question Types : Multiple choice
Exam Fees : Rs.10,100
Prerequired Exams : Candidates should pass Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator (1Z0-821) before attempting OCP 1Z0-822
Exam Policy : Click here to read the Exam policies.
Recommended Trainings : Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration.

Exam Pattern :

Below the exam objectives of Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-822 .

1.0 Managing Services and Service Properties by using Service Management Facility (SMF)
  • Describe the components of the SMF
  • Configuring SMF Services
  • Troubleshooting SMF Services
Managing Software Packages by Using IPS
  • Configuring a local IPS repository
  • Using a local IPS repository
Managing Data Backup and Restore Using ZFS
  • Creating a Mirrored Storage Pool
  • Managing Devices in a Storage Pool
  • Managing Hot Spares in a Storage Pool
  • Identify ZFS snapshot differences
  • Sending and Receiving ZFS Snapshot Data
  • Managing ZFS Properties
  • Mounting and Sharing ZFS Filesystems
  • Managing ZFS Quotas and Reservations
  • Troubleshooting ZFS Problems
Configuring the Network
  • Administering EVS
  • Configuring Link Aggregation
  • Configuring IPMP
  • Implementing Link Failover
  • Managing an IPMP Group
  • Administering Packet Filter
Administering Network Services
  • Configure a NFS client
  • Configure a DNS client
  • Configure a LDAP client
Advanced Administration of Zones
  • Allocating and Managing System Resources in a Zone
  • Administering Kernel Zones
  • Using Unified Archives
Securing the Oracle Solairs 11 O/S
  • Describe Privilege Components
  • Configuring and Managing Privileges
  • Troubleshooting Privileges
  • Configuring and Managing RBAC
  • Use the Basic Audit Reporting Tool (BART) to audit system files
  • Administering Oracle Solaris Auditing
Managing Oracle Solaris Compliance
  • Manage Processes and Priorities
  • Describe Solaris Scheduling
  • Managing Process Scheduling Priorities
  • Configuring the Fair-Share Scheduler
  • Managing the Schedular Class of Zones
Installing Oracle Solaris 11 on multiple hosts
  • Preparing an AI server
  • Configuring an AI server
  • Managing AI Manifests and profiles
  • Using the Distribution Constructor
Implementing System Messaging and Diagnostic Facilities
  • Configure system messaging
  • Configure system crash facilities
  • Configure dump facilities for business application failure
  • Using Dtrace

Books to Prepare :

Below are the recommended books to prepare for Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration 1Z0-822 Exam.

 Cover Image

Book Name : OCP Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced Systems Administration. Exam Guide(1Z0-822)

Author Name : Michael Ernest

Publisher : Oracle Press

Following Topics are Covered in this book:

Table of contents not available for now..

Softwares for Practice :

You can easily set up the lab in home by using oracle Virtual box and solaris OS. Download the below Required tools from Oracle Website.

Software Name : Solaris 11 OS and Oracle Virtual Box.

License : Please Read the Terms and conditions of Oracle

Click here for download.